Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Making the Happy... #100happydays


Feeling really grateful for my friends : : Trying out pink varnish on my toes and loving it : : Enjoying a cocktail in the evening sun after a long rainy day : : Feeling lucky to live near the beach, an after work walk : : Joining in with a march for public sector strikes, the feeling of being in that crowd chanting and waving flags was so amazing : : Noticing that the second shoot on the Amarylis was finally growing : : A thank you treat for helping my friend move some pictures to her new flat.  We had a lovely afternoon after the work was done, chatting and listening to HoundMouth : : Cozying up on the sofa with some patchwork while my hubby snuggled up for a nap : : The gorgeous coral colour of that melon matched with pineapple, pretty aaand tasty.

I'm really enjoying the #100happydays challenge, finding the little things in the everyday that make me happy.  I've surprised myself by how many there actually are, I think that I used to write off quite a few days as grumpy or nothingy.  But I'm finding that when I intentionally seek out happy moments, when I stop to notice the things that bring me joy, from colour combinations to odd little sights on the street, even when I can't capture the moment in a photo, really affects the way I feel.  My whole day seems to take on a more rosy glow, it seems that by looking for the happy, I make the happy, which really is the whole point of the challenge.

I'll be posting more pictures here next week, or you can pop over to my Instagram feed to see what's making me happy every day.

Find the happy where you can...


  1. Loving your outlook on life. To be honest im a bit down to day, but reading your post is making me snap out of it. Looking at the positives Thank you x

  2. I would say you have so much beauty in your life friend! To have a beach close by and that yummy treat!!! Life is grand isn't it!?!?! Such an awesome post of goodness! I can't wait to see more! Nicole xoxo

  3. I feel the same about seeking out the happy and positive things. It really works!

  4. Great pics for a great summer.
    Miss xx

  5. I love these challenges too such a great idea. The pic nail varnish looks wonderful, living next to the beach yes you are very lucky and the patwork is lovely Lucy x


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