Thursday, 24 July 2014

Finding my Sunshine on a Cloudy Day... #100happydays


My husband being a star and cheering me up, love this man : : A cool drink on a hot day, made with smooshed up old school ice pops : : Wandering around the garden noticing all the pops of colour provided by the flowers : : Enjoying the evening sun : : Getting to spend time with one of my best friends : : An afternoon at the beach, splashing in the sea and eating ice cream with two super cute little bears who I haven't seen in a very long time : : Reading through my Nan's handwritten cookbooks, trying to figure out her writing, enjoying her comments and remembering long ago baking days : : Putting down the kindle and reading a proper book : : The Agapanthus flowers starting to open, i'm looking forward to the day they are in full bloom.

After being so excited last Tuesday at how easy I was finding this challenge, I struggled a lot on Wednesday, I've been having a touch of bother with my back and nothing seemed to be cheering me up at all... but inspired by a post i'd read on Seeking Victory i pulled up my big girl socks and looked around me...  it was as if the clouds had parted and a big 'ole ray of sunshine was beaming down on me... my hubby... corny as it sounds... he had provided all my happy moments that day, looking after me, cheering me up and generally being a bit of a star, I had found my happy.

I've spent most of the last week at home, so a lot of hanging out in the garden and reading, which is delightful, but only possible due to not being very much good for anything else, but you make the most of what you get!  I was lucky enough to spend time with some of my favourite people this week too, which were definitely happy moments and although it's hard to take a picture capturing a feeling of time spent with people, without actually putting them in the frame, I know looking at the two pictures above remind me of the fun I had with them.  It's been another nine happy days, and I feel so blessed.

I hope that no matter how cloudy your days are, you find something to brighten them,

p.s. you can read more about the #100happydays challenge here if you fancy trying it yourself, see my previous posts here and here, and my Instagram feed here.


  1. A lovely capture of pictures. How wonderful to have a cookery book from you grandma. What is your favouirte recipe. Hope the back is on the mend Lucy x

  2. Thanks Lucy! My favourite recipes to read are the weirdest ones... salmon mould?! But I do love her raspberry vinegar recipe, I was given it as a cold remedy when I was younger, but now it goes in salad dressings, x

  3. Beautiful Cate!!! I am so glad that you were surrounded by such happiness and love! And how wonderful is it that you have your grandma's recipe book with all of her handwritten notes! My grandmother's book was accidentally thrown out by my uncle after she passed. We have been trying to replicate her baked goods ever since. What a blessing these bits are for sure!!!! Here is to a lovely weekend you! Nicole xoxo

  4. Sometimes your happy can be something so simple, but so lovely. I'm glad you have such good hubby! Today my happy is that the plumber finally came and fixed are swamp cooler today! Finally my house is cooler than 85 degrees.... It's the first time it's been cooler than 85 since May... :D


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