Friday, 18 July 2014

Around the World Blog Hop...

I was kindly invited by Nicole to take part in this blog hop, which, after seeing some of the talented people who have been involved so far, is such an honour.  Thank you Nicole, you've been an amazing blogland friend to me, supportive, enthusiastic, and always there to inspire me!

Nicole is the author of My Garden Diaries, a fab creative blog where she writes about her garden, home, family, creative and culinary adventures, there is always something inspiring to read and lots of gorgeous photos.  You can read Nicole's blog hop post here, but make sure you stay and have a good look around!

Around the World Blog Hop
My handy little box of patchwork...

What am I working on?

Right now seems to be a slow time for creating, the summer weekends fill up pretty fast for me and I never seem to get round to really starting anything new.  But I do always have some patchwork handy for when I have a spare moment...  I love the easy gentle rhythm of English paper piecing, it grows so quickly and I find such delight in seeing the different patterns come together as one piece of fabric.  I have a few different long term patchwork projects on the go at the minute, a couple of quilts and a cushion cover, although the cushion cover should be finished quite soon, or at least by the end of the summer!

I'm also toying with the idea of scrap booking, I've been collecting memorabilia for years, and just recently have been drooling over some beautiful blogs and supplies.  I'm formulating some plans and slowly looking through the archives and choosing photographs.  I'm also trying to take more photos lately as well as documenting little moments from my day in a bid to remember the everyday and make it as special as possible.

Which leads me to the other project I'm working on right now; my health and my happiness, two things that I've not really given much thought to until recently.  I'm focusing on spending more time with the people I love, putting more effort in to the activities I enjoy and  intentionally finding the happy moments from each day, all of which I chose to look at as creative pursuits!

Around the World Blog Hop
One of those happy moments...

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

This was an odd question for me, other than the obvious difference of my work being mine and no one else's, I'd never really had reason to think about how it was different until now...

I don't always follow patterns and prefer more to run with a general idea and make it up as I go along... when I get going I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal! This can lead to abrupt changes mid way through a project, which can often mean two styles exist within one item, or that there is an unusual twist, I like to think that I pull it off though and I hope that it comes across as one coherent project.

Around the World Blog Hop

Why do I write/create what I do?

I've never really thought about myself as a writer, I was always more into Maths than English at school, and i'm a super creative when it comes to spelling (spell check is my bff) but I realised when i sat down to write (umm, yep, write) this post that I am actually a writer, I have over 5 years of blog posts to prove it after all.  (Though not all of it good.)  I may only write about things i've made and done, places i've been, thoughts i've had, but that all still requires words... my words... so I guess, yes, I am a writer.

As to why I write?  I write because I make; I make and I do, and I live my life, and then I take photos and write about it.

I create just because I simply love to make things, always will, always have...ever since I was little and pretending to be a Blue Peter presenter as I made Christmas cards for my family!  I love to see something that is more than the sum of it's parts come together, a blanket, a scarf, a meal with friends.  When love and effort and fabric and go in one end and something much better comes out of the other end, it's like magic to me, I get such a thrill to see something I've made.  And really... it's just fun isn't it?  Messing around with bits of ribbon and yarn and washi tape, playing with colour, sorting though buttons, getting flour everywhere, capturing all those moments, it's just food for the soul.

Around the World Blog Hop
A twist... regular bottom left, irregular top right...

How does my writing/creating process work?

Unless i'm making something for someone to a deadline, i just let things happen...  I'm inspired by things I see on pinterest, instagram, blogs,and in magazines, as well as just looking around me... beautiful colour combinations or patterns, weird little sights, people I love...

Ideas for projects come to me in one of two ways, either very quickly and very spontaneously, or very slowly after much deliberation.  I can spend months thinking things through, looking for just the right materials, reading resources about the topic in mind, or a thought could just pop in to my head and I'm away.  Which ever way, instantly or after a good long brew, when I start a project I never really fully have the end in mind beyond... this will be a cake or this will be a cushion cover, and sometimes not even that, I'm a bit of a scatted brain with out a real plan.  Creativity just tends to flow, I let things happen, let the project re-inspire me as I work, which often leads to a change of direction, but it usually turns out to be just what I wanted without even realising!

I've loved taking part in this blog hop, and after reading Kate's answers over at Mossy Cottage (whose blog I only found last week through Nicole) I realised that it's a great way to find out a little more about people.  So I would like to invite the authors of two blogs that are also relatively new to me, to take part... Lucy at Foodie Force and Claire at Little Bohemian Butterfly.  I do hope you decide to take part, if so, please post during the week starting the 21st July. 

Wishing you a weekend filled with fun, love and creativity...


  1. This was such a good read, Cate. I really enjoyed learning more about you. That crocheted blanket is stunning! There's so much to look at, it's really amazing.

  2. Lovely post. I think the art that doesn't follow the rules is the best kind :)

  3. It was lovely to read more about you and your work. I love your blanket. I love Nicole's blog too, she is so wonderful isn't she! xx

  4. I really loved reading this post, you are one talented lady. I love your patchwork pillow so pretty. Creativity is definetly best being organic forcing it takes the enjoyment and fun out of it. Thanks for tagging me, how does this work I have to answer the same questions? As my blog is not a craft blog does that matter Lucyx

  5. I absolutely love that patchwork box!! And reading about your creative process was so very inspiring!! You explained the creative process better than I ever could! And your focus on living your best life is awesome! Your projects always amaze me friend and it was a joy to learn more about you!! Hope your having a lovely weekend!! Nicole xo


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